UNIX & Linux Support

ConsulNIX has been a leader in providing UNIX and Linux support for over two decades — and we do it well! We also have deep expertise in other key areas of IT, especially around storage, virtualization, interoperability between Windows, Novell, OpenVMS, etc., however, it is our deep expertise and experience in UNIX and Linux that we are known for.

Let’s face it, sometimes you need a little extra help maintaining or troubleshooting your UNIX and Linux environment.  Often, it’s not economical to hire a person to take care of your UNIX and Linux needs.  By leveraging ConsulNIX, we can create a custom-tailored support plan ensuring that you are always covered when you need it.

ConsulNIX can also optionally monitor your environment remotely and respond to problems often before users are affected, ensuring your users are able to stay productive.

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