Professional Services Consulting

ConsulNIX customers can achieve the best results possible from their UNIX and Linux technology with the help of our Professional Services organization.   We have deep experience providing a wide range professional consulting services with many industry leading products.

Some of the product ConsulNIX has provided Professional Services with include;

Veritas/Symantec NetBackup: Whether you are a small shop that has outgrown your current software, or a large enterprise backing up multiple petabytes of data daily, ConsulNIX has the experience needed to take your backup environment to the next level.  Our wide expertise covers the whole suite of NetBackup products.  From a single-server remote office installation, to multiple data centers and robotic controlled libraries, ConsulNIX is there from start to finish while you reap the benefits of our experience.

High-Availability:  It’s no surprise, in today’s environment, when you’re down, your customers will know it.  That’s why companies that don’t want this negative exposure invests in high-availability clustering.   At ConsulNIX, we have expertise with three of the industry leading high-availability solutions: HP ServiceGuard, Veritas Cluster Server, and IBM HACMP.   Let ConsulNIX work with you to plan, design, and implement a highly available, fault tolerant, system that will ensure continual uptime throughout system failures.

UNIX/Linux Active Directory Integration: Most companies already have Windows Active Directory infrastructure providing directory services and authentication.  ConsulNIX can help you leverage Windows Active Directory to centrally manage access to your UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh environments.   Reap the benefits of Single-Sign-On and eliminate the headaches of maintaining separate user accounts on each of your UNIX or Linux systems.   Whether you just want to make your life easier, or if you are up against Sarbanes-Oxley or PCI compliancy issues, ConsulNIX can help you get your whole environment compliant, and under control.

Virtualization Solutions: Yes, we know — virtualization is a huge buzz word in today’s IT world.  But, for good reason.   It goes much beyond “green” initiatives.   ConsulNIX can help you with a variety of virtualization platforms.  We can help with VMware based server farms, HP Integrity vPar’s and nPar’s, HP Integrity Virtual Machines and Virtual Server Environment (VSE), SUN Solaris Zones and Domains, IBM pSeries Virtual IO (VIO) on AIX, VirtualBox, and many more.    You can leverage our expertise in choosing the right technology that makes sense now, and will grow with you into the future, allowing your ROI to continue.  And you can count on ConsulNIX to assist you with planning, implementation, training, and post-implementation support.

Please contact us today — we are excited to work with you on your next project!